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Celebrating 27 Years of Independent Financial Advice

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Join us in celebrating a remarkable milestone as we commemorate 27 years of serving our clients’ financial needs! We’re taking a nostalgic journey back to the start with Founder & President, Dawn Hemming along with Partner and Certified Financial Planner, Autumn Soltysiak. From navigating market volatility to being our clients’ number one cheerleader, these two have over 50 years of combined experience and have weathered countless challenges. They continue to believe in empowering our clients and providing the tools and knowledge needed to live life to the fullest.

In honor of our anniversary, we’ve asked Dawn and Autumn to answer a few questions about their experiences starting in the financial industry and what they enjoy most:

What made you get into the field of wealth management?

Dawn Hemming: My background is in counseling and education and after receiving my MBA I ran a couple of different businesses. I was always interested in finances and found the field interesting and exciting. After being told multiple times that I should pursue it as a career I realized that I could bring together my passion for teaching with my love of finance. It has since turned into a truly fulfilling career and I find deep passion in what I do.  

Autumn Soltysiak: 

Did you always envision becoming a business owner, or was there someone in your life who inspired you?

Dawn: My father was incredibly astute financially and loved investing. Early guidance helped pave the way for financial acumen. I intended to be a company of one, helping people invest to meet their goals. Now at the end of my 32nd year, the rest is history!


What do you love most about this type of work?

What do you love most about this type of work?

Dawn: I am deeply fulfilled when helping people and empowering them to live their best lives. We deal with many difficult scenarios, and I love being a “lighthouse in the storm” that people can turn to and trust.


Why do you believe it’s so important for people to work with a Financial Advisor?

Dawn: Working with a Financial Advisor can be hugely impactful to overall finance health and well-being. Most people do have a clear picture of where they are financially. We take the blinders off to help them see a realistic view, which is often much better than they think! We are like a GPS on a long road trip, providing safe and fun passage. We help clients navigate changes in their personal and professional lives to get them where they want to be.


What are some big questions people should be asking themselves when they are looking at their finances and planning for the future?

Dawn: What is most important to you about money? Am I living those values with my current behavior? Your behavior towards your finances can really impact your ability to reach your goals and live your life.


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