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Dawn Hemming

Dawn Hemming

Founder & President, Wealth Management Advisor

Since 1992, Dawn Hemming has worked as an investment advisor, offering investment, insurance, and plan design services to small businesses and individuals. Her passion led to building a firm founded on delivering exemplary service to clients, combining a background of business management, education and counseling. Creating an infrastructure to support top notch service, Dawn developed a team approach to delivering wealth management services.

Dawn loves to devise creative tax savvy solutions for each client's particular set of goals and is passionate about listening carefully to the client's needs and concerns, and creatively working to address those needs. Dawn is a lifelong learner, recording hours of continuing education to stay in the forefront of changing tax laws and planning strategies. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master’s in Business Administration.

My life is abundant with passion and fulfillment in my work. Guiding our clients to a better future feeds my soul. I'm also abundantly blessed with family memories, worldly travels, pickleball wins, a handsome classic convertible, and orchards of trees loaded with cherries!